Wedding cake fillings

The cakes and fillings below are also available in the form of cupcakes.

Double lime

Vanilla cake with lemon, lemon bavarois, lemon curd.


Vanilla cake with lemon, airy passion fruit cream, passion fruit curd

Raspberry delight

Vanilla cake, airy raspberry cream , raspberry compote

Raspberry Champagne

Vanilla cake, champagne cream , fresh raspberries , raspberry compote

Fruit & Cream

Vanilla cake, creamy Cream cheese cream, berries, raspberries and strawberries

White Chocolate Dream

Vanilla cake with lemon, white chocolate cream , fresh raspberries , raspberry merengue cream

Red Velvet New York Style

Velvety Red Velvet cake , airy cream cheese cream

Caramel Delight

Vanilla cake, white chocolate cream,drizzle of salted caramel, raspberry-berry compote

Cookie & Cream

Vanilla cake , oreo cookie cream, raspberry compote, cappuccino cream.



We work on the basis of an Italian merengue cream. As many organic products as possible and everything is homemade. This way we can guarantee the quality. Our cakes are often left outside the refrigerator for longer periods of time and must also withstand these conditions. 

In case of intolerance or allergy, please let us know in advance. Then we can discuss what is and what is not possible. 

All our fillings are carefully composed and a nice combination of sweet and sour. During the tasting you can also compose your own filling with the existing flavors we have in our assortment. For example, you can also order a layer of passion fruit curd with berries in the cake. During the tasting we will discuss what is possible if you wish. 


Macarons de Paris

                            Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside with surprising flavors

  • Raspberry Raspberry Ganache

Chocolate Bomb Dark chocolate, for the real lover

Vanilla white chocolate with real vanilla

White chocolate with salted caramel Sweet and Salt, a perfect combination

Mocha For the coffee and cappuccino lover

Hazelnut Pure hazelnut and mocha in the filling, delicious with a crunch

Pistachio Freshlyroasted pistachio nuts

Salted caramel with sea salt, for that extra saltiness

Passion A tropical surprise

Cassis Surprisingly flavorful, one of our best sellers

Lemon Twist A filling with lemon

Lime-basil Fresh with a bite

Popcorn, go crazy.

Licorice, anise and licorice ... old-fashioned delicious