An anthology of responses from wedding couples


Now, almost 3 months after our wedding, everything is fairly calm again and we are wrapping up all the wedding stuff and remaining business. We can look back on the very nice day we had and have watched the video and now the photos. We also have a few leftover cakes in the freezer, which come out very occasionally. Still delicious 😉 Thanks again so much for your input and effort. We have had nothing but positive reports from really everyone about the taste of all the sweets!



Industrial gold with a romantic touch

We have been married for two weeks already! How fast it goes and we are now still reminiscing about this unforgettable day.

And this day became unforgettable partly because of the enormously beautiful cake that we (almost unfortunately) got to cut. What a picture it turned out to be and we were able to cut the cake beautifully in the sun. And how delicious the cake was! Fortunately we were able to secure the top layer and it is now in our freezer to be cut in a year. So we want to thank you immensely for the delicious work of art you provided for our wedding.

- Rinske & Koen, Pavilion Puur

Ruffles and more

Thank you for this wonderful and super beautiful wedding cake!!! We, and the girls enjoyed it. It was really very tasty, and luckily there was left over, so we enjoyed it the next day too!

- NAthalie & Rob, Chateau de Marvalleix, France

A Lovely couple on a sunny April day

The Cake was fantastic and all gone! Everyone loved the different layers (when they realized!) Fortunately we had some sun and outside at the time and looked beautiful! Joanne James and I were very happy and just wished we had more! Everyone loved it and some confessed to having more than one slice.

(photo credits

- Joanne & Alastair, Duin & Kruidberg estate, Santpoort North

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Italian style with cream and green tones

We received many compliments on the cake. Not only that it was so beautiful, but especially that it was so delicious. And we thought so too. A lovely fresh cake full of lemon flavor. Thank you so much!

Photographer Luther Photography

- Sophie & Peter-Paul , Orangerie Elswout Overveen