Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, 6 months in advance will give us enough time to schedule an appointment and tasting.

We work exclusively with a very delicious fondant and Italian merengue to line cakes.

We make cakes starting at 35 people because the whole process is laborious and handmade.

You are always welcome, but I am often at work, and since I like to take my time with you, an appointment is nicer.

We work in a kitchen that isnot free of traces of sugar/nuts/gluten etc. 

we do make cakes without gluten, nuts and/or lactose ( but they are made in the same kitchen). 

Sugar-free cakes and cakes without egg whites we do not make.  

Fruit is used in almost all our fillings, If you have an allergy to this, it can of course be substituted.

Please note that customers are responsible for communicating allergens. 

A cake with a filling of bavarois and or curd can be served straight from the fridge. All cakes based on Italian merengue should be taken out of the fridge at least 1.5 hours in advance - please note that if it is very hot, this can of course be adjusted. 

It certainly can, The tip can be stored for at least a year if kept airtight in a good 4* freezer. 

-Before you can eat it please thaw for 24 hours in the refrigerator.

We can have a personalized topper made. Of course, you may also provide your own topper.

We assume we need to deliver the cake. There is a charge for this. Of course, a (small) cake may also be picked up by someone.

-We do not use gelatin

- Champagne filling does contain alcohol ( very little).