What do you start with?

You start, of course, by getting inspiration and looking mainly at what you like. What should your wedding cake meet in terms of looks? 

You feast on the most beautiful pictures on Pinterest or get inspired by the wedding cakes in our wedding cake gallery. The most popular shape is round, but you can still go either way. In terms of height, a lot is possible. Colors and sizes also vary. So take a good look at how you can match the wedding cake with the colors or theme of your wedding.

Make a mood board with the cakes you like best and bring that to the appointment. During the consultation we will give you information on what size is appropriate for the number of guests you have. And of course we will discuss the entire design and most importantly, the taste, because we always say, it's about 3 things: " Taste, taste & taste."

What type of wedding cake do you choose?

When ordering a wedding cake, you often have several options, but the most important thing is that in the end there is a unique and personal wedding cake on the table that really suits you! It has to be delicious, but also personal elements cannot be missing. Of course you can choose a real eye-catcher with multiple layers on top of each other, but you also have the option to order several individual cakes, macarons, cupcakes or a complete sweet table! We can inform you well about this. 


The color of the wedding cake

When ordering a wedding cake, you should, of course, take a moment to consider the color. Especially if you have a particular color theme throughout the wedding styling, it makes sense that the cake should match. Fortunately, you can actually go either way with the color of a wedding cake! Would you like to order a traditional, white wedding cake or do you prefer a hand-painted cake?

Do you opt for a natural, pastel or marble-look wedding cake or do you want to go all out with gold glitter, because it fits the theme of the wedding so well? The possibilities are endless, even with a semi naked or cream wedding cake, which more and more couples are opting for these days! 

The flavors of a wedding cake  

Once you have decided what type of wedding cake you want to order and determined the colors, it is time to start determining the flavor. What is important when deciding on the snaak of the wedding cake is that you take into account the season in which you are getting married, the time of serving and the location. Fresh, airy flavors, for example with fresh fruit, are perfect for spring and summer, while in the fall the heavier flavors of caramel or seasonal fruit, for example, are best suited. The time of serving is also important! Are you serving the wedding cake as dessert after dinner ? Then the fuller flavors are really recommended. 

How big will the pieces be?

 For dessert, slightly larger pieces of cake are often served. A dessert piece measures approximately 2x4x10 cm. Are you cutting the wedding cake in the afternoon? Then light flavors are an absolute must. And here, "party pieces" are often cut. A piece of approx. 2x2x10 cm. After all, it often only takes 2 hours before you can join us for dinner and of course you want to keep a place for that.


Fortunately, there is no arguing about taste and these days there are lots of flavors to choose from! Before ordering your wedding cake, it is therefore wise to schedule a tasting session first. At Cakeworks Studio, a tasting session for 2 people is always included in the consultation. 

The important thing is to choose flavors that you guys like, above all. After all, you can't make everyone happy, and chances are that if you like the cake, the guests will enjoy it too. 

We say, schedule that date with your partner to be soon, because without having tasted and savoured it first, you should never, ever order your wedding cake!