About me

My mission is to create beautiful, custom wedding cakes that are also so delicious that people's mouths still water when they think back to their big day.

" And being able to contribute to even more revelry during the most special moments gives me great satisfaction."



A party without cake is just a meeting

Pleasant, I'm Petra, and making wedding cakes always makes me happy . Come check out my colorful studio where your mood will get an instant boost. Just looking around here is a party and then you haven't tasted anything yet. I like tothink OUT-OF-THE-BOX. By listening carefully, designing their cake together with the bride and groom. Adding just that little something that makes it truly special. When couples walk out the door with a smile, because they just saw their dream wedding cake being created. That makes me happy and that's what I do it for!

I trained in Tourism-Hotel School and worked in France for 5 years. I lived above a bakery, where I further discovered and developed my passion for baking. Every day, I stood in front of the window ,feasting with all my senses. Especially macarons, those little cookies kept me busy. I found them fantastic. Difficult to make, but O so tasty! One of my favorites then and now. I love to create beautiful and especially delicious cakes. I am also creative and love making new things. After France I started working in the Netherlands for tour operator Vrij Uit, again on the French market... so the trips to France with its boulangeries and patisseries just stayed on my program.

During my time at Vrij Uit, entrepreneurship started itching and in 2006 I decided to focus entirely on Cakeworks Studio.

To do this to the best of my ability, I took several master classes with, among others. Peggy Porschen (the English cake decorator of Madonna, Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow, among others) the New York-based Colette Peters (who even got to show off her prestigious cakes at Oprah Winfrey). DNext to that I followed various training courses with renowned national and international pastry chefs and cake designers Debby Brown, Lindsey Smith and Hans Heiloo. And finally by baking a lot I came to where I am today.

I am married to Ivar and together we have 3 sons, and two French bulldogs. The great passion of our family is traveling. Discovering new places together, exploring markets, diving and making memories is the most fun you can have! We do this as often as possible. 

On the sports front, I rode the Africa Classic in 2022. A 400 km MTB sponsorship ride for Amref Flying Doctors over the flanks of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. With my team Haarlemcycles4Africa we raised almost € 50,000 for charity. With the whole team over € 400,000, - A fantastic result for which we have suffered, have driven through the dust, and have made many beautiful memories, but especially with our own eyes have seen how much good work Amref in Africa does.

I also love cooking, as well as good food. At home, with friends or in a fantastic restaurant. I even have two cooking clubs where I can really indulge myself. 

Just some facts about me

Dog and cat lover

Loves traveling immensely, ( preferably as far as possible)

macarons ... oh I can't get enough

crafts.... surprises canoes you name it.

can laugh immensely with Ivar

also does taxidermy

likes to bake sourdough bread

mother of 3 boys

Is determined, and RODA. ( right on target)

Does not like being late

finds nagging people stupid

is quickly enthusiastic

does not like to argue